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1. The insurance function of dual lines:

两条单线一起使用和“双线结构设计”的技术性能区别 ,两条单线同时使用时易纠葛爆发断裂 ,两条单线辅设后无法抵达相等长度宁静行使用 ,抗拉的受力点漫衍不均匀 ,会导致两条单线断裂的先后不* ,抗拉强度只能体现一根线的强度。“双线结构设计” ,已经将两支线粘在一起 ,由于结构的变革 ,其技术性能形成* ,可以相等长度辅设、平行使用 ,抗拉的受力点均匀漫衍 ,形成统一的抗拉强度技术指标 ,突破了现有示踪线产品抗拉强度低的影响。

The technical performance difference between using two single lines together and the "double line structure design" is that when two single lines are used at the same time, they are prone to entanglement and breakage. When two single lines are auxiliary, they cannot achieve equal length and parallel use, and the distribution of tensile force points is uneven, which can lead to uneven order of fracture of the two single lines. The tensile strength can only reflect the strength of one line. The "double line structure design" has already glued two branch lines together. Due to structural changes, its technical performance has formed *, which can be used in equal lengths and parallel. The tensile force points are evenly distributed, forming a unified tensile strength technical index, breaking through the influence of low tensile strength of existing tracer line products.


2. Convenient for simple on-site inspection and judgment of the quality of tracer line laying.


Connection method of LYA-SZ3 tracer line for buried PE pipes

LYA-SZ3示踪线有的防护接头 ,用于线与线之间的连接 ,接头具备防水

The LYA-SZ3 tracer line has protective joints for connecting lines, which are waterproof

防腐的密闭腔体 ,将示踪线裸露线头安排于密闭腔体内 ,从而;ぢ懵兜氖咀傧咄肺薹ū桓;接头由PE质料制造 ,自己具备抗腐、抗老化的能力。


A corrosion-resistant sealed chamber, where the exposed tracer wire head is placed inside the sealed chamber to protect the exposed tracer wire head from corrosion; The joint is made of PE material and has the ability of corrosion resistance and aging resistance.

薄膜示踪线和电线示踪线的连接方法:将两个线头拧在一起 ,一般选用热收缩管或防水胶布做为接头的处理 ,防腐及防水效果凭据热缩管的材质及施工效果决定。

The connection method of thin film tracing wire and wire tracing wire: Twist the two wire ends together, and generally use heat shrink tubing or waterproof tape as the joint treatment. The anti-corrosion and waterproof effects are determined by the material and construction effect of the heat shrink tubing.


Detection of buried PE pipe LYA-SZ3 tracer line

LYA-SZ3示踪线:通例铺设 ,埋深≤1.8米时 ,有效探测距离在1000米以上;非开挖铺设 ,埋深≤4米时 ,有效探测距离在500米;非开挖铺设 ,埋深≤7米时 ,有效探测距离在300米。

LYA-SZ3 tracer line: Conventional laying, effective detection distance above 1000 meters when buried depth ≤ 1.8 meters; When laid without excavation and buried at a depth of ≤ 4 meters, the effective detection distance is 500 meters; When laid without excavation and buried at a depth of ≤ 7 meters, the effective detection distance is 300 meters.

薄膜示踪线:通例铺设 ,埋深≤1.8米时 ,有效探测距离在150米内;不可用于非开挖铺设。

Thin film tracer line: Conventional laying, effective detection distance within 150 meters when buried depth ≤ 1.8 meters; Cannot be used for non excavation laying.

电线示踪线和LYA-SZ3类同 ,可是非开挖铺设要用到截面积在6平方以上的电线 ,本钱造价不适宜。

The wire tracing line is similar to LYA-SZ3, but non excavation laying requires wires with a cross-sectional area of more than 6 square meters, which is not cost-effective.


Application of Buried PE Pipe LYA-SZ3 Tracer Line in Non Excavation Crossing

将示踪线捆绑在设备托头的钢丝环上 ,并用铁丝或卡环再次紧固。

Bundle the tracer wire onto the steel wire ring of the equipment support head and tighten it again with iron wire or snap ring.

每隔5-8米的距离 ,用胶带将示踪线和PE管牢固。

Fix the tracer line and PE pipe with tape every 5-8 meters.

顶管完成后 ,将示踪线一端的两条线连接在一起 ,用万用表丈量示踪线的另一端看是否有通路。

After the pipe jacking is completed, connect the two wires at one end of the tracer line together, and use a multimeter to measure the other end of the tracer line to see if there is a pathway.

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